Asthma & Emphysema

Asthma & Emphysema

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With no warning, suddenly some people are diagnosed with Asthma. Why they have it, where it came from, and why inflicted so suddenly, no one knows. What happens in Emphysema and Asthma? Mould can damage the fragile walls of the lungs interfering with your ability to exhale or inhale. The fact is that mould is a living organism and that when introduced into the human body through ingestion or inhalation easily incubates and grows within the human body. People who have been diagnosed with both Asthma and Emphysema have reported to have fully recovered after being treated for mould exposure.

There is a strong relationship between Asthma and Sinusitis with some studies showing of up to 75% of Asthma patients develop Sinusitis. Sinusitis is the most common healthcare complaint, more common even than Arthritis.

Mould Exposure the Facts

Exposure to mould can and does affect people differently. Mould can enter into the human body through several different pathways. People are exposed to mould by eating contaminated foods; mould spores can enter into a person’s sinuses and lungs through normal respiration or breathing in mould contaminated buildings. Human hands touching mould contaminated surfaces and then touching other body parts, i.e. eyes, lips, nose etc… are documented as the direct cause of mould related allergies.

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