A tailor made low cost ventilation system to duct fresh filtered air throughout existing or new flats and apartments.

Flatmaster Benefits

Legal requirements
Installation of Flatmaster solves the legal requirement for landlords to provide adequate ventilation to otherwise poorly ventilated rental properties. Estate agents confirm that premises with a proper ventilation system attract better long term tenancies.

Extremely low power consumption
As low as 5 watts. (approx. 25p per week)

Significantly improves indoor air quality
Using positive input ventilation (P.I.V.) Flatmaster removes old contaminated air and carbon monoxide, while filtering out pollen and other outdoor pollutants. High efficiency filters removes up to 95% dust particles.

Complies with the building regulation ventilation requirements
Meets part F&L regulations and contributes towards ‘Conservation of fuel and power’. (Please refer to BBA certificate).

Radon Gas and Carbon Monoxide control
Helps reduce and control Radon gas and carbon monoxide levels.

Fit & forget operation
Fully automatic when airflow set on installation

Integral Heater (optional)
To provide additional heating of the incoming air e.g. during very cold weather, the heater can be used to distribute filtered warmed air throughout the property.

Low maintenance requirements
Replacement filters typically every 24 months.

5 year warranty for peace of mind.

Following a site inspection a typical installation will take half a day.