The Drimaster is a loft mounted Positive Input Ventilation unit providing  your home with fresh air ventilation all year round.

DRIMASTER - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I operate the unit?
You don’t.The unit is completely automatic, switching itself from ‘condensation control’ to ‘heat recovery’ and ‘standby’ mode as required to make optimum use of energy.

How much does it cost to run?
Around 1p/1.5c a day
. When you consider the advantages the unit will provide for you and the other occupants, the running costs are insignificant. However you should remember that the unit is making use of heat in both the loft and at ceiling level that would otherwise be lost. The unit will switch itself off when temperatures are very high. The unit can be programmed to run continuously all year round if required.

What maintenance is required of the unit?
Very little. The only maintenance required is the replacement of filters every 5 years (under normal conditions). We even call to remind you.

How will I remember to clean the filter?
When the filter becomes dirty, the unit does not input as much air into the dwelling. Condensation and musty smells may become evident. This will be the signal to replace the filters.

How will I know the unit is working?
The unit motor is almost inaudible but you should notice a change of atmosphere in the hallway within a day or so. Within a few weeks any mould should start to dry out and eventually become a grey powder which can be easily cleaned. After a month your home will be a healthier environment free from severe condensation, mould and dampness.

Will the unit control condensation in any home?
The installation of the unit alone will provide a remarkable improvement in any home. Some homes with extraordinarily high levels of moisture occasionally require additional enhancement measures to effect a complete solution. Your free HOME &DRY survey will provide further details if applicable.

My child has Asthma will HOME &DRY Drimaster help?
Most definitely yes. If medication is not reduced within 60 days, the unit can be removed and we will refund your money in full. A full medical report is available on request.

Other advantages?
Most definitely, Drimaster greatly reduces Hay Fever sypmtoms by trapping tiny pollen in its filtration system. Windows can be kept closed during the high pollen season. In the rare event of Carbon Monoxide build up Drimaster's fresh air input will greatly reduce this hazard.

Is the unit safe in the roof void?
Yes. A 24 volt transformer is externally fixed preventing all risks to adults/ children.
(The Drimaster system has full BBA certification ).

Can I install Drimaster into a new house?
Yes, trickle vents can be eliminated (or existing ones closed) thereby reducing draughts. Extract fans in most cases can be excluded, in full compliance with ‘K’ and ‘F’ regulations - a full range of ventilation products are available for new dwellings.

Why install  a Drimaster 2000 model?
The Drimaster 2000 model is certified to reduce Radon Gas to below the governments recommendations of 200BQm3. - Radon Council No. 00295.
The Drimaster system also greatly reduces deadly Carbon Monoxide gas from your home.The Drimaster 2000 unit will display a flashing red light via a monitor sited in the dwelling.

What is the warranty on the Drimaster system?
offer a complete quibble free 5 year warranty on parts and labour on all Drimaster installations together with a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.