Does your home or property suffer from condensation, mildew or black mold? Do some rooms, especially bedrooms, smell musty or damp? If so, Home and Dry have the solution to your condensation, mold and mildew problems.

Welcome to HOME & DRY - your one stop solution for the eradication of condensation mold and mildew. At HOME & DRY we understand the frustration of constantly cleaning and redecorating rooms with these problems.

You may  be unhappy with that 'damp smell' in your bedrooms, hallway or kitchen and may have thought that nothing could be done about it. Home & Dry can give your home a BREATH OF FRESH AIR with our easily affordable solution.

Ventilation is the key to condensation problems. Unfortunately, just leaving a window open doesn't allow enough ventilation into your home. Our Drimaster Systems will provide solutions to condensation, mildew and poor air quality problems in both new and existing properties.

The Drimaster and Flatmaster systems are designed for both private houses and apartments or flats where home owners experience the many symptoms of poor ventilation.

For those suffering from respiratory conditions such as; Asthma, Sinus Problems, Hay Fever and various other allergies Home and Dry will alleviate these distressful symptoms.

Home and Dry - Omagh, Condensation and mould eradication